What’s New: The Environment


Painting a Greener San Diego

King of the Painters Co. Inc. has always enjoyed the reputation as an industry leader in the preservation of our environment, while protecting the health and safety of our employees and clients. Our effort to go “green” started in the mid-80s when we began voluntarily recycling all of the toxic materials, oil based enamels, thinners, and solvents our crews use to perform daily work. This unusable toxic material has since been collected in 55 gallon drums and converted into a renewable energy source for heating and powering equipment.

Our pro-active focus has been to use “green” products that minimize the impact on our environment. We have partnered with Dunn Edwards Paint Corporation who provides us with products that contain “zero toxic” potentially hazardous ingredients. While most manufacturers continue to use Ethylene Glycol (EG) a toxic co-solvent in latex, Dunn Edwards paints are “EG-free.” They use a non-toxic alternative called propylene glycol which is also used in food for baking, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. With the painting industry moving towards “green paints,” the low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paint have also been dramatically reduced. In just a few years VOC levels have dipped from 200 grams/L to an average of 30 grams/L. Some paints even contain no VOCs.

As a leader in the San Diego painting industry, we at King of the Painters Co. Inc., are continually looking for innovative ways to preserve our environment, while maintaining coating applications that are durable, long-lasting, and non-fading for our clients.

Safe Lead Certified

EPA: Restoration, Repair, and Painting (RRP)

King of the Painters Co. Inc. is a certified lead-safe restoration, repair, and painting contractor. As of April 2010, the new EPA requirements make it necessary that pre-1978 homes and specialized (RRP) buildings be painted by lead certified contractors. This requirement arose because paint chips and lead dust created during restorations can have harmful effects on the health of both children and adults. Therefore, a true professional with the proper containment training is required.

As a certified lead-safe painting (RRP) contractor we encapsulate your home, school, and childcare facilities to contain all lead particles from exposure to you and your family. We safely use mechanical powered sanders that utilize lead-specific vacuum filters that minimize the dust generated in the preparation process. All areas are barricaded to outline protected areas, and heavy plastic is used around the perimeter areas of the structure to collect hazardous lead dust and paint chips. Once lead particles are contained they are safely removed from your site.
All clients are provided with an EPA booklet to insure a comprehensive understanding of the steps required in the lead renovation process.